Thursday, April 25, 2013

SHOUT OUTS and updates!

Thanks to everyone who has donated to The Family Center/La Familia on my behalf. My papa and step-mom, my mom, my old roomie Paul, Odell Brewing, my dad's old co-worker Sheree and an anonymous donation made through First Giving.  Although my CrowdRise page is at $500 I have actually raised $850 to date!

So what does $850 look like in practice?  Well, it looks like the price of books for an entire ESL semester for around 20 students and their volunteer tutors!  Amazing, huh?

Now on to some bike updates:
Due to the unseasonable weather, or better put the freakish spring blizzard that Fort Collins had the pleasure of experiencing, the delivery of my BOB trailer was delayed.  I will be picking it up tonight and riding it around my block like a kid on Christmas.

Not necessarily a bike part, but an important component of my trip arrived as a one year anniversary present: a SteriPen.  I have heard about these for years through friends and am excited to actually own one of my own.  The SteriPen is a small battery powered stick that emits UV rays and sanitizes drinking water in a matter of seconds.  It is apparently more effective than pumps, but doesn't remove solids. I figure old stockings work just find for that.  If you haven't heard of this gadget, please check it out HERE.

Also, I am currently trying to figure out my handle-bar bag.  A good friend Garrett is the designer of some rad bike tube/up-cycled material bags and we are attempting to adapt one of his purse designs into a handlebar apparatus.

My father also fueled his Sierra Trading Post addiction and got me an awesome two-person Mountain Hardware tent.  Originally, I was leaning towards a one-person or a bivvy sack set up, but think that having the extra room to store stuff on rainy days will be ideal.  Thanks Dad!

As always, please let me know if anyone has general advice about bike touring or any handy-dandy tricks up there sleeves.  I am a self-proclaimed novice and would love any suggestions.

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