Thursday, April 18, 2013

Starting Line

Hi everyone,

So for anyone who's not in the loop, here's the deal:  I am biking to Chicago from Fort Collins, CO in June to raise money for The Family Center/La Familia (get info on their programs HERE).  The route I've chosen is around 1,200 miles and will be crossing the midwest by way of Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and finally Illinois.  This is a big deal for me; I've never attempted a solo trip of this length.  This is also a huge deal for the ESL program at The Family Center/La Familia.  Don't believe me?  Ask this lil' guy:

So if you are interested in donating, you can do that!  Just click the word "awesome"....AWESOME

As I am coming to find out prepping for a bike tour is an expensive and painstaking process.  I have solicited the advice of a few friends (shout out here to Brian, Rafael, Evan and Claire!).  The highlight of my week was the four hours I spent trying to put on the sweet (but uber-stiff) Continental Touring Plus tires.  I eventually threw up my arms and went to Crankenstein, a local Fort Collins bike shop/bar/coffee shop for a cappuccino and some assistance.  I got to go out in this weather:

What are you doing April?  

Well, I pick up my BOB trailer on Saturday and will update with more pictures and info.  Stay warm if you're in the area, and if not stay up on your allergy meds.



  1. Hola old friend, awesome to hear bout this long ass trek!

    I'm wondering what made you decide to go with the BOB trailer. Though I know the pros of a trailer (keeping weight off bike, low center of gravity, etc.) most people I've chatted with when planning our west coast tour done steered me away from using a trailer of any sort. Everything from it's too heavy, they track oddly when in bad/odd situations (tight shoulders, hills, etc), they act like a sail in the wind, hard to lock up, etc.

    I ended up going with full panniers, handlebar bag and rear rack bag but alas, I wasn't solo...

  2. Originally I had intended on doing front and back racks but encountered a very serious road block; my fork is carbon and finding a 1" threadless fork with eyelets and an appropriate rake measurement was proving to be near impossible. I definitely have my doubts about trailers, but considering my route (relatively flat country roads and rails to trails) I think I will avoid the stickier situations where the trailer is deemed burdensome.

    That being said, I am planning on doing rides under similar conditions up until my departure, just in case I hate the trailer. I got it through REI, so yay for no questions asked return policies. I'll keep you updated on its performance.

    When you gonna make it up here to drink beer and ride bikes with me?